Washington Park Residence

Washington Park Residence is a townhome and apartment community in a convenient and safe part of town for pedestrians. Restaurants, retail establishments, and recreational facilities are all within walking distance of the site. There are many facilities available to residents, such as a gym, a pool, and a clubhouse..

Project Summary:  This home’s outward elegance and simplicity belie its technical complexity. Sub-grade interior spaces occur below exterior water-features and under paved exterior balconies, requiring meticulous design and execution of various waterproofing systems.  Light-weight vegetated “green roofs” cap the home’s many roof areas.

Seemingly monolithic exterior concrete walls actually incorporate both rigid insulation and integral waterproofing and drainage systems to limit heat loss as well as to provide a high degree of infiltration resistance.  Wood-clad exterior walls similarly contain drainage cavities for optimum weather-integrity.  Moment-resistant steel frames combined with narrow-profile steel-sash windows maximize expansive mountain-and-lake views.

Reasons Why You Should Move to Washington Park?

It is conveniently situated within a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, making getting around without a car a breeze. Swimming pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses can all be found in the immediate vicinity. You are welcome to bring your pets with you because they are allowed here. The inhabitants can rest easy knowing their community is safe and secure thanks to the efforts of the neighborhood’s maintenance and security teams.

The Surrounding Conditions and Infrastructure

The area is situated in a pedestrian-friendly area, with a number of restaurants, stores, and parks all within easy walking distance. Among the many activities and venues available in the area is a health club. There is a swimming pool and a clubhouse with a TV room and conference rooms available to residents. Services offered by a business center.
The regulations governing pet-friendly neighborhoods.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Local Apartments and Townhouses

Flats, townhomes, and lofts are all available in the complex. Superior quality appliances and fixtures are included as standard in all apartments and townhomes. Numerous balconies and patios, frequently with city or neighborhood views, are a common feature of apartments and townhouses.

The focus of the present inquiry is on dissecting the various elements of the lease’s pricing and terms.

The cost of rent each month can change based on factors including the apartment’s square footage. Additionally, it is conceivable that a pet rent and security deposit will be required. There are both long- and short-term lease options available in the neighborhood. Applications for leases can be submitted in person or via the web.

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