University of Washington Guthrie Hall

On the University of Washington campus in Seattle, Washington, there is a structure called UW Guthrie Hall. It bears William C. Guthrie’s name, a previous university president. The facility, which was built in 1973, includes a variety of classrooms and conference spaces in addition to academic and administrative offices.


On the northern part of the UW campus, close to the junction of Northeast 40th Street and 15th Avenue Northeast, is where you’ll find UW Guthrie Hall. The structure is a part of the University District, a thriving community that is home to numerous shops, eateries, and cultural institutions.

Overview of what to expect from UW Guthrie Hall

Modern structures like UW Guthrie Hall are made to be effective and efficient. The structure’s spacious, open lobby is where events and gatherings take place. Students, faculty members, and staff may also use a variety of classrooms and meeting spaces.


Design of UW Guthrie Hall was carried out by NBBJ, an architectural firm. The structure was built in 1973 and dedicated in 1974. The College of Arts and Sciences Building was the initial name of the structure; however, in 1992, UW Guthrie Hall was given to it.

Early plans and construction for the building

The College of Arts and Sciences was supposed to be housed in a building in the early designs for UW Guthrie Hall. Originally intended to be four stories tall, the structure was later elevated to six stories. A combination of governmental and private monies were used to build UW Guthrie Hall.

Cultural contributions by those who have used the facility

Numerous individuals and groups have utilized UW Guthrie Hall over the years. English, history, and philosophy are just a few of the academic departments that have called this edifice home. Additionally, it has been utilized for a wide range of occasions, such as concerts, plays, and lectures.

University of Washington Guthrie Hall

Features and amenities of UW Guthrie Hall

The UW Guthrie Hall is a useful resource for the UW community because to its many features and services. These qualities consist of:

  • There are several classrooms and conference spaces that are accessible to students, instructors, and staff, as well as a sizable open lobby that is used for events and gatherings.
  • A computer lab that is accessible to both employees and students.
  • A copy center that is open to faculty, employees, and students. open to the public coffee establishment.

Touring UW Guthrie Hall

There are a few things to consider before visiting UW Guthrie Hall. Prior to visiting, it’s crucial to double-check the building’s hours. Monday through Friday, the building is typically open from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm. Second, it’s crucial to show consideration for anyone studying or working in the building. Thirdly, it’s crucial to adhere to the building policies, which are displayed in the lobby.

Important tips to know before visiting the building

  • Before going, check the building’s hours.
  • Show consideration for those who are studying or working in the building. Observe the regulations of the building, which are posted in the lobby.

Taking a virtual tour through the University Website

If you are unable to visit UW Guthrie Hall in person, you can browse the university website to take a virtual tour of the structure. A 360-degree view of the building, including the lobby, classrooms, and meeting spaces, is offered through the virtual tour.


Guthrie Hall at UW is a helpful facility for everyone at UW. For use by academics, staff, and students, the building offers a range of workspaces for study, collaboration, and work. You may visit UW Guthrie Hall in person to learn more about it, or you can take a virtual tour of it on the school’s website.

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