Pike Place Stewart House

Seattle, Washington
Client: Pike Place Market Preservation Authority
Dates of Service: 2007-2010

Project Summary: This 1980s era, the low-income housing complex in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market had been experiencing infiltration and degradation problems since shortly after its construction.

Exterior envelope systems experiencing problems included sub-grade concrete walls, brick veneer and thin-brick wall claddings, wood-framed and steel-sash windows, waterproof decks, and modified bitumen low-slope roofs.

PL: BECS Services: PL: BECS was retained to perform a complete evaluation of the existing building’s exterior envelope components, and provide corrective recommendations.

The evaluation revealed that numerous design and installation flaws were causing widespread and severe infiltration and degradation problems.

Problems affecting the brick veneer cladding included inadequate securement, absence of through-wall flashings, absence of vertical and horizontal expansion joints, absence of code-required horizontal reinforcing, as well as many ill-conceived, leak-prone details.  These deficiencies compromised the structural integrity of the masonry cladding, caused widespread leakage into many units, and doomed the cladding’s longer-term survival.

Although each individual problem could be corrected through costly retrofitting strategies, complete cladding replacement was recommended as the most cost-effective approach for addressing the full constellation of these issues.

History of the Building

Pike Place Stewart House

The building that now serves as Pike Place Stewart House was originally built as a storehouse in 1907. In 1911, the building was purchased by the Stewart family, who converted it into a hotel. The hotel was named after the Stewart family, prominent Seattle merchants.

The hotel was updated in 2010 to keep its classic feel while adding modern conveniences. The renovation also included a sky bridge, rooftop garden, and observation lounge.

Features & Amenities

The Pike Place Stewart House provides a wide range of convenient services, such as:

The hotel features a sky bridge leading to Pike Place Market, an observation lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows, a gourmet restaurant, a bar and lounge, a fitness center, a business center, and valet parking among its many modern conveniences for its guests.

Experiencing Pike Place Stewart House

There are several ways to enjoy Pike Place Stewart House. The observation lounge, sky bridge, and rooftop garden all provide magnificent panoramas of the surrounding city for guests to enjoy. They can also relax in the hotel’s bar or lounge after a day of sightseeing. The hotel has a business center and a fitness center for the convenience of its guests.

The world-famous Pike Place Market is only a short walk from the hotel. A wide variety of shops, restaurants, and street vendors may be found in the marketplace. In addition to the waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium is another popular attraction.


The luxurious Pike Place Stewart House features numerous activities and amenities. Because of its prime location in the heart of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this hotel is a wonderful choice for visitors.

Additional tips to make the most of your time at the Pike Place Stewart House are as follows:

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