Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Santa Barbara, California
Client: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and Schacht-Aslani Architects
Dates of Service: 2009-2011Project Summary: The expansive campus of this museum includes many distinct buildings built over decades.  Though most of the structures are Mission-style, wood-framed, stucco-clad buildings, some consist of concrete or concrete masonry and include wood-sided and stone masonry walls.

Sloped roof types are primarily capped with clay tiles, but roofs of composition or concrete shingles also occur.  Low-slope, membrane-capped, roofs include asphaltic built-up and modified bitumen types, as well as a few single-ply membranes.

In spite of Santa Barbara’s generally sunny and benign climate, most of the buildings display various symptoms of moisture infiltration and associated decay, as well as damage caused by an infestation by ants and termites.

PL: BECS Services: PL: BECS was retained to evaluate the exterior enclosure systems of six buildings, uncover flawed construction elements, and identify locations of probable infiltration and decay.

Our investigation revealed numerous flaws with the design and installation of the stucco cladding, clay tile roofs, wood windows, low-slope membrane roofs, and related elements.  Consequently, many locations of highly elevated moisture content were found within the exterior walls and roofs.

The PL: BECS report included detailed maps of the building elevations and floor plans identifying specific locations of elevated moisture and probable decay. Concealed decay within some of these elements was beginning to affect the structural integrity of certain building portions. Our report also explained the construction flaws leading to such problems.

A Gateway to Natural History

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is a gateway to the natural world, inspiring visitors and raising their consciousness about the importance of protecting the planet’s diverse ecosystems. From the local Santa Barbara ecosystems to global perspectives on evolution, geology, and ecology, visitors can learn about a wide variety of natural history topics. The museum provides a setting where people may learn about and experience nature, with the goal of inspiring visitors to become active environmental advocates.

Fascinating Exhibits and Collections

The museum’s displays and treasures are a treasure trove of insights. From hands-on displays to meticulously preserved fossils, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History has something to fascinate and inform every visitor.

Discover the beauties of marine life and the variety of local flora and fauna while learning about the fascinating history of the Santa Barbara area. The museum’s collections include fossils, geological specimens, floral displays, and artifacts that shed light on the region’s cultural history. A unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate Santa Barbara’s natural and cultural assets is presented in each display.

Engaging Educational Programs

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History places a premium on education and provides a number of exciting and instructive programs for students of all ages. From school field excursions and summer camps to seminars and speeches, the museum provides educational opportunities for people of all ages and interests.

Through engaging displays, hands-on activities, and knowledgeable docent-led programs, visitors may learn more about the natural world and the scientific processes that shape our environment. The museum’s educational programs instill in visitors a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation for preservation that will last a lifetime.

Community Involvement and Conservation

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is actively involved in conservation efforts and community outreach activities. The museum collaborates with scholars, scientists, and conservation organizations to spread information and encourage the protection of local ecosystems.

The museum hosts events, organizes volunteer opportunities, and hosts citizen science initiatives to get the public involved in environmental issues and conservation efforts. The museum promotes a sense of responsibility and stewardship in order to protect Santa Barbara’s natural heritage for future generations.

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