Washington State History Museum

Tacoma, Washington
Client:  Olson Sundberg Architects & Moore/Andersson Architects
Dates of Service:  1992-1994

Project Summary:  This new, $23,000,000 museum structure in Tacoma, Washington, was designed by Moore/Andersson Architects in association with Olson Sundberg Architects, to be sensitive to its vintage surroundings, including the adjacent historic domed train station.

The site’s high water table and underground springs posed an elevated risk of sub-grade leakage. The museum consists of a post-tensioned concrete structure with cast-in-place concrete and steel-framed walls and is capped with pre-cast concrete barrel-vaulted roofs.
Its exterior walls are clad with brick veneer and metal panels, while its roofs consist of terne-coated stainless steel standing-seam panels as well as single-ply membrane roofing.  Its exterior amphitheater is located over a subterranean auditorium.

PL:BECS Services:  PL: BECS provided guidance to the architect throughout the building’s design.  Services included assistance with the selection and specification of materials and products for the building’s many exterior components, review and input for selected exterior details and assemblies, and limited assistance with construction-phase questions and oversight.

Guidance was provided for all of the building’s exterior components, including sub-slab and sub-grade drainage and waterproofing, post-tensioned concrete structure, plaza-deck waterproofing systems, brick veneer and aluminum claddings, glazing systems, standing-seam metal and single-ply roofing, traffic-bearing membranes, weather-exposed steel construction, flashings, sealants, and related materials.

The Importance of the Washington State History Museum

Culturally and educationally, the Washington State History Museum is essential. It serves as a steward of the state’s past, preserving and explaining it for the benefit of present and future residents. Understanding the difficulties, triumphs, and cultural tapestry of Washington State gives visitors a deeper understanding of the region’s character and its significance in shaping the larger American tale. The museum plays a crucial role in fostering an interest in history, promoting civic engagement, and facilitating family tree research.

Exhibits and Collections

The history of Washington is brought to life via the museum’s many exhibits and artifacts. The museum’s permanent and rotating displays cover a wide range of topics and time periods, providing an in-depth look at the history of Washington State.

Washington State History Museum

Visitors will be amazed by the artifacts, pictures, records, and interactive exhibits that chronicle the stories of early exploration, business and innovation, social movements, and more. The exhibits present a plethora of perspectives on the state’s dynamic history, making for a rich and varied learning experience.

Interactive Learning Experiences

The Washington State History Museum not only has traditional displays but also offers exciting interactive learning opportunities for guests of all ages. The museum employs state-of-the-art techniques, such as interactive exhibitions, immersive displays, and multimedia presentations, to bring history to life.

Workshops, programs, and special events are available to visitors as a means of encouraging active learning and gaining a deeper familiarity with Washington State’s past. Thanks to the museum’s commitment to participatory learning, individuals, families, and school groups who visit will have an enlightening and memorable experience.

Community Engagement and Outreach

The Washington State History Museum places a premium on community and welcomes visitors from a wide variety of backgrounds. The museum collaborates with local educational institutions, community organizations, and cultural centers to present educational materials, workshops, and exhibitions that promote historical awareness and understanding.

It hosts events like public talks and roundtable discussions to get people thinking and talking about the state’s history and how it relates to present issues. The museum fosters a sense of community and pride in Washington State’s history by actively engaging the area to ensure that its information and services are available to everybody.

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