Nordstrom Southcenter Store

Tukwila, Washington
Client: Nordstrom Corporation
Dates of Service: 1997

Project Summary: Brick veneer, pre-cast concrete, and glass-fiber reinforced concrete make up the exterior walls of this 12-year-old, four-story shopping mall. These cladding components showed many signs of stress and deterioration, such as cracking, dislocation, and moisture damage.
PL:BECS Services: PL:BECS provided its services in two distinct waves.The first stage involved a thorough examination of the building’s facade and the suggestion of repair procedures. Our initial analysis showed a number of difficulties, such as interior moisture infiltration; problems with through-wall flashing systems; cracks in the brick cladding; and outward tilting of parts of the cladding above ledgers.

This study also highlighted the cladding’s vulnerability to earthquake-induced damage, collapse, or displacement. After a minor earthquake occurred shortly after the first assessment, PL:BECS was hired again to perform a more comprehensive analysis, which included visual inspection, instrument detection of brick veneer anchors, and core cuts in the brick cladding to examine concealed construction.

This follow-up inspection confirmed the earlier one’s findings that the cladding exhibited increased seismic displacement along the weak points. Researchers found that veneer anchor concentrations varied widely and were often grossly insufficient. Ledger anchors, flashings, and veneer ties all showed signs of corrosion.

The study offered detailed advice on how to fix the problems that were discovered.

Features Nordstorm Southcebtre Store provides:

Fashion-forward: Nordstrom is known for carrying the latest fashions, and the Southcenter location is no exception to this rule. Whether a shopper is seeking the latest trends, designer labels, or traditional items, they will be able to find them all here. The upscale clientele of Nordstrom Southcenter can find fashionable children’s items, men’s suits, and women’s dresses to suit their tastes.

Exceptional Customer Service: The Southcenter location epitomizes Nordstrom’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service, one of the company’s distinguishing features. From highly trained sales associates to expert personal stylists, the Nordstrom Southcenter team is always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. A focus on personalized service and meticulous attention to detail create a welcoming and pleasurable retail environment.

Beauty and Beyond:¬†Nordstrom Southcenter’s extensive beauty department contains everything discerning shoppers in search of the finest skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances could want. Guests have access to the latest in beauty trends, expert advice, and luxurious pampering sessions from a wide range of well-known brands and trained beauty professionals.

Home and Lifestyle: Offering a carefully curated selection of home furnishings, accessories, and lifestyle products, Nordstrom Southcenter extends its domain expertise beyond the realm of fashion and beauty. From luxurious furnishings to one-of-a-kind accents and presents, customers may pick the perfect items to suit their individual tastes and style.

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