Temple B’nai Torah

Bellevue, Washington
Client: Olson Sundberg Architects and Schacht-Aslani Architects
Dates of Service: 1996
Project Summary: The design of this new, 2-story, flat-roofed temple included a moment-resistant steel frame, metal cladding as well as single-wythe concrete masonry walls, modified bitumen and sheet metal roofing, and commercial-grade extruded aluminum window systems.
PL: BECS Services: PL: BECS consulted the architects in the selection and design of the temple’s exterior envelope elements, including roofing, waterproofing, exterior claddings, masonry wall assemblies, window systems, and the basic structural components, to minimize the risk of leakage, condensation, corrosion, and degradation.

A Place of Spiritual Significance

Temple Beth Am holds a unique place in the community as a spiritual haven for those seeking meaning, community, and knowledge of Jewish traditions. The peaceful ambiance of the temple makes it ideal for contemplation, prayer, and personal growth on a spiritual level. If you’re looking for solace in times of trouble or a place to celebrate triumphs, Temple Beth Am is the place for you.

Historic & Culturally Significant

Temple Beth Am is an ancient synagogue that has served an important function in Jewish life and culture. Family reunions at the temple have been going on for decades, marking important life events and fostering a strong sense of belonging. The traditions and beliefs of the temple’s long-standing community remain strong today.

Location Holding Sacred Meaning

If you’re looking for a place to find meaning, connect with others, and learn about Jewish traditions, look no further than Temple Beth Am. The tranquility of the temple is perfect for introspection, prayer, and spiritual development. Temple Beth Am is a haven of comfort in times of sorrow and joy in times of success.

A Place for Personal & Communal Spiritual Growth

Temple B’nai Torah is a sacred space where people can grow spiritually and deepen their connections to Judaism. A temple is a place where people from all walks of life can find solace, purpose, and community through the shared experience of discovering and accepting their faith. Temple B’nai Torah promotes its members’ spiritual growth via worship, education, and fellowship.

Honoring Tradition While Looking Ahead

Temple B’nai Torah has a strong appreciation for Jewish tradition and an understanding of how it might be used in the modern world. By combining ancient Jewish traditions with cutting-edge artistic manifestations, the temple fosters a warm and inclusive community. It recognizes that the richness of the Jewish community lies in the diversity of its members backgrounds and perspectives.

Engaging Rituals and Meaningful Worship

The rituals and services at Temple B’nai Torah are designed to inspire and include people of all ages. Weekly Shabbat services bring the community together in celebration and renewal, while festive holiday festivals honor the cycles of the Jewish year and are only two of the many meaningful worship experiences available at the temple. These rituals provide opportunities for personal growth, community building, and the transmission of Jewish values from one generation to the next.

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