Pond and Water – Feature Assemblies

PL: BECS can draw upon wide-ranging experience with the selection, detailing, and installation supervision, as well as hands-on installation of various pond or water-feature membranes, including EPDM pond liners, single-ply PVC membrane assemblies, various reinforced and non-reinforced fluid-applied products, Chlorinated Polyethylene, (CPE), sheet membranes, and related membrane flashings, sealants, and other materials.

Understanding Pond & Water – Feature Assemblies

Pond and water-feature construction include a variety of constructions that incorporate water features into the outdoor landscape. These structures can range from simple garden ponds to elaborate cascading waterfalls, fountains, and reflecting pools.

The aesthetic value and ambiance of any outdoor area can be enhanced with the installation of a pond or water feature, which brings together water, rocks, and plants in a way that is both beautiful and natural.

Types of Pond and Water-Feature Assemblies

Garden Ponds

Garden ponds are serene and lovely additions to any outdoor setting. These water features can be quite modest or quite huge, depending on how much planning went into their final shape and design. Garden ponds are often stocked with fish and decorated with aquatic plants, such as lilies that float on the water’s surface. They provide an atmosphere conducive to introspection and relaxation.


Waterfalls are aesthetically pleasing as well as audibly enticing additions to any environment. The ambiance of any outdoor space can be enhanced by the sound of water falling down rocks, whether those rocks are natural or manmade. To add beauty and drama to the landscape, waterfalls can be constructed either as standalone features or incorporated into preexisting ponds.

Fountains and Water Jets

The addition of fountains and water jets to outdoor settings elevates the aesthetic value of those areas. These features often have a sculpture at its center from which water flows or sprays in interesting ways. There are fountains of many sizes and styles in parks and other public spaces, from little, freestanding ones to enormous, ornate ones. The interplay of light and the gentle splashing of water creates a mesmerizing scene.

Reflecting Pools

Calmness and reflection from the surrounding landscape are the results of reflecting ponds. These pools are usually designed with calm, peaceful water to help them fit in with their natural environments. Because of the sophistication, they lend to the surrounding architecture, reflecting ponds are frequently found in urban settings.

Pond and Water - Feature Assemblies

The Benefits of Pond and Water-Feature Assemblies

Aesthetic Appeal and Serenity

Assemblies that have a pond and a water element have several benefits, one of which is their attractiveness. The presence of water enhances the serenity and beauty of outdoor settings. Being near moving water, such as a stream or waterfall, helps people relax and feel more at one with nature. Aquatic vegetation, colorful fish, and intricate designs all contribute to the landscape’s aesthetic value.

Environmental Benefits

The benefits to the ecology from pond and water feature assemblies vary. Water attracts birds, butterflies, and other beneficial creatures, fostering biodiversity and fostering a healthy ecosystem. In addition to its other uses, water can be used as a humidifier to help keep the air at a comfortable humidity level. In addition to their aesthetic value, water features can improve air quality by acting as free-standing filters that collect dust and other airborne contaminants.

Wildlife Attraction

Many different kinds of animals will congregate around the water and in your yard. Birds will flock to the water feature for a refreshing sip or a relaxing bath, while frogs and insects will make it their home. Ponds and other water features provide habitat for a wide range of animal species, bringing people closer to nature and expanding their opportunities for observation and enjoyment.

Therapeutic Effects

The healing effects of water have long been recognized. The soothing white noise of water trickling helps calm the mind and ease tension. The installation of a pond and water feature creates a tranquil spot for contemplation and relaxation in the comfort of one’s own backyard.

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