Harrison House Retirement Complex

Kent, Washington
King County Housing Authority
Dates of Service: 2002-2005

Project Summary: This publicly owned, 4-story, block-long retirement complex had been leaking for 12 years before PL: BECS’s participation. The process of fixing this problem had already been started by another consulting firm, but it had grossly misjudged the scope of the problem and the complexity of the effort required to fix it.

Current outer envelope methods include stucco cladding, windows, deck waterproofing, composition shingle-sloping roofing, and modified bitumen low-slope roofing.

PL: BECS Services:  The King County Housing Authority awarded PL: BECS the contract for service delivery in three stages.

PL: BECS was brought in during the early stages to provide an accurate assessment of the situation regarding infiltration and its causes. This demonstrated that, despite the building’s relatively young, there were several, major problems, all of which could be traced back to systemic errors in the original installation of several exterior envelope components.

The only long-term remedy to these problems was a complete re-cladding.

The second stage involved designing the necessary repairs, which included things like replacing the stucco cladding with fiber-cement siding, setting up new home and storefront windows, sealing the deck, and setting up new sloping and low-slope roofing.

With the client’s need for 50-year cladding in mind, PL: BECS developed a self-drying, drain-vented cladding system that works in tandem with simple, highly infiltration-resistant window installation methods for optimal performance.

To guarantee the proper installation of critical components at all tricky intersections, PL: BECS developed sequenced installation techniques.

Window testing, product submission and shop drawing reviews, installation observation, and other related services were just some of the many that PL: BECS provided during the construction process. W. G. Clark Construction was responsible for its completion at a cost of about $4,000,000.

Harrison House Retirement Complex

Services That Harrison House Retirement Complex provides:

  • A Haven of Comfort: The Harrison House Retirement Complex was designed with the resident’s comfort and happiness in mind, making it a peaceful and relaxing place to live. There are several different types of housing available within the complex, from studio flats to memory care units. Every one of these houses has been built to be a safe and comfortable haven for its residents.
  • Professional Care and Support: Compassionate care is at the heart of Harrison House’s concept. The complex employs a team of devoted experts who are available around the clock to provide aid and support to residents in order to meet their physical, emotional, and medical needs with the utmost care and attention. Through medication management and other personal care services, the staff at Harrison House strives to give each resident a feeling of safety and comfort.
  • Engaging in Sociable Activities: The Harrison House Retirement Complex appreciates the importance of keeping an active and social lifestyle in retirement. The complex hosts a wide range of fun events aimed at fostering community and bringing people together. From fitness classes and hobby groups to holidays and cultural trips, residents have several opportunities to get to know new people, expand their interests, and build lasting friendships.
  • Dining and Culinary Delights: Indulge in Delicious Food at Harrison House’s Restaurants! The facility provides delicious, healthy meals prepared by skilled chefs who cater to individual preferences. The restaurants provide a warm and friendly setting in which locals may socialize over a meal with their neighbors and friends. Harrison House places a premium on culinary expertise, so eating there is not only a necessity but also a pleasurable and social occasion.

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