Dynamic Structure/ Exterior Envelope Interaction

What is the Interaction between a Dynamic Structure and an External Envelope?

  • Interaction between the outside envelope of a building and its inside structure may have an impact on both systems’ performance.
  • The outer layer of a structure that shields it from the elements is called the exterior envelope.
  • The framework that holds the building up and maintains its standing is known as the building structure.

Why is it Important?

  • Energy efficiency, comfort, and durability of the building can all be impacted by the interplay between the structure and envelope.
  • The lifespan of the building can be increased and energy expenses can be decreased with the help of a well-designed interaction.

Knowing How the Two Work Together

The benefits of the interplay between dynamic structure and outer envelope

  • May raise energy efficiency by lowering heat gain and loss.
  • Reduces wind and solar exposure, which can increase occupant comfort.can help the building last longer by shielding it from the weather.
  • Modern structures provide examples of how dynamic structure and outer envelope interact.
  • The amount of solar heat that enters Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is managed via a dynamic façade technology.
  • In order to lessen the load on the building, The Gherkin in London employs a flexible construction that can swing in the wind.
  • The double-skin façade technology used by the New York Times Building contributes to the structure’s insulation and lower energy use.

Considering Dynamic Structures & Exterior Envelopes in Construction Projects

Problems and Solutions in Design

  • It might be complicated and difficult to plan for the interplay between the structure and the envelope.
  • The location, temperature, and energy requirements of the structure are just a few of the variables that engineers and architects must take into account.
  • Forces to take into account for system design calculations
  • When constructing a dynamic structure and outside envelope system, it is important to take wind, snow, rain, and temperature into account.
  • Essential technical abilities needed for project implementation
  • For a project combining dynamic structures and outside envelopes to be completed successfully, teamwork is crucial.
  • These systems are frequently designed and analyzed using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Understanding the concepts of interplay between dynamic structure and outer envelope requires technical skills.
  • To make sure that all parties are on the same page, effective communication is crucial.
  • Time management is crucial for making sure the project is finished on schedule and on budget.


The interaction of the outer envelope with the dynamic structure is a challenging and crucial subject.
Engineers and architects may design buildings that are more energy-efficient, comfortable, and long-lasting by understanding how the two interact.

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